Ottaviana's Kitchen

                  dedicato alla mia mamma
                  la cuoca della famiglia

                     This website is dedicated to my Mamma Maria, who taught me how to cook, 
                    and how to enjoy the not so fancy foods in life. A very wonderful 
                       woman, that I truly loved and miss very deeply.



                  Now for a little history behind these recipes and how they came about.

                   My Grandparents were immigrants from Italy. They came  to Ellis Island, in search 
                   of the great American dream. This was where my mother was born in Newark, NJ. 
                     The recipes were passed to her from her mother, and then passed to me from mine. 
                           Since I have no children of my own, what better way to pass on these recipes but on my
                          web page so everyone can enjoy them, and maybe start their own tradition with them. 
So for now,

           Buon Appetito

                        All Italians cook their own way. There are many regions in Italy and all of them make a 
                             recipe a certain way, or may even call a certain dish by another name. Even Sicilans cook 
                                differently from family to family. My cousin and I argue all the time as to what ingredients go 
                   in certain dishes. These recipe's are the way my mother made them, your mother or 
                        grandmother probably made them differently. Each family changes them around to suit 
                    there tastes by changing the ingredients around.

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